Thursday, 28 January 2016

Piggy-Back Time!

This Backpack Is SO Awesome. 

I Got One For My Cats, So We Could Go On Walks Together, And It's Super Convenient!^^
It's Very Good For Cats Who Are Not Accustomed To Being Outside As Well, Seeing As They Feel Safe With You. And You'll Have The Added Bonus Of Being Able To Show Them The World From Your Point Of View^^

Little Tip:
I Let My Cats Explore The Bag Before We Used It; I Left If Opened, Where They Would Check It Out, Sniff It and Walk In And Out Of It. I Did This To Let Them Get Comfortable With It.
Ambushing Them With Something Completely New, For Them To Be Inside; Is NOT a Good Idea.

I Used It As One Would a Baby-Harness; As In; I Wore It With The Container In The Front. Which Worked Out Fine.I Think The Added Bonus Of Seeing My Face And Being Faced Forward When I Was Walking, Made It Extra Comforting For Them.

I'd Definitely Recommend This To Fellow Cat-Peeps!^^
The "Arms" Are Adjustable, And Would Suit Just About Anyone, Regardless Of Age And Size Really. It's Also Got Security Latches To Go Across The Back/Chest, That Are Attached To The "Arms". This Is also Adjustable. When Wearing It I Always Felt In Full Control, And That The Harness Was Firmly Stuck On My Body. Nothing Being All Loosey-Goosey, Or Flailing About.  All In All. A Very Good Contraption! ^^

It's Also Worth A Mention That It's Very Nicely Designed, With a Mini-Leash Inside, To Attach To Your Furry Friend's Walking-Harness! ^^ So You Can Open Up The Top And Let Them Stick Their Head Out For Some Fresh Air; Without Being Worried About Them Hopping Out And Getting Away From You Mid Walk, Perhaps In The Middle Of Nowhere.
The Backpack Also Has Nifty Pockets To Store Little Necessities Like Poo-Bags Or Something.

Company: Friends With Fur Product: Connor, Backpack

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