Saturday, 2 January 2016

Catch Me If You Can!

This Toy Is One Of The Many That I've Recently Acquired For My Five Feline Children This Christmas. ^^
First Of All: It's Super-Popular, With All My Babies, So It's Definitely a Good Option For All Cat-Personalities, As Far As Play Goes.

It Has a Remote That Comes With It. So You Can Play With, By Turning It Off And On.
Which Is Fun. ^^
Included is a Special Battery For The Remote.
And Although I Love It When Batteries Are Included, This One Has Me A Bit Baffled; as It Is Unlike Any Battery That I've Ever Seen. It's a Little Bit Thinner Than a AA-Battery, But Not As Thin As a AAA-Battery. It's Also About Half The Length Of a Regular Battery (regardless of width).
So The Thought Of Where To Find Such a Battery, When That One Runs Out, Is a Bit Of a Mind-Fuck. o.O

The Toy Itself Runs On Regular AA-Batteries. And Is Not Included.

The Toy Comes With Two Changeable Plastic Wobbly-Pipes With Feathers At The End Of Them.
Our First One Broke Off At The Middle, Within Hours.

And As It Does Not Seem To Be An Option To Buy Extra Wobbly-Pipes Alone, What Do You Do? o.O

I Have Taken To Tying Some Ribbon On The Remainder Of The Wobbly-Pipe; Which Definitely Does The Trick. :)
So If The Toy Breaks; Just Get Creative! I'm Sure Your Cats Will Love You For It. ^^

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