Thursday, 28 January 2016

Piggy-Back Time!

This Backpack Is SO Awesome. 

I Got One For My Cats, So We Could Go On Walks Together, And It's Super Convenient!^^
It's Very Good For Cats Who Are Not Accustomed To Being Outside As Well, Seeing As They Feel Safe With You. And You'll Have The Added Bonus Of Being Able To Show Them The World From Your Point Of View^^

Little Tip:
I Let My Cats Explore The Bag Before We Used It; I Left If Opened, Where They Would Check It Out, Sniff It and Walk In And Out Of It. I Did This To Let Them Get Comfortable With It.
Ambushing Them With Something Completely New, For Them To Be Inside; Is NOT a Good Idea.

I Used It As One Would a Baby-Harness; As In; I Wore It With The Container In The Front. Which Worked Out Fine.I Think The Added Bonus Of Seeing My Face And Being Faced Forward When I Was Walking, Made It Extra Comforting For Them.

I'd Definitely Recommend This To Fellow Cat-Peeps!^^
The "Arms" Are Adjustable, And Would Suit Just About Anyone, Regardless Of Age And Size Really. It's Also Got Security Latches To Go Across The Back/Chest, That Are Attached To The "Arms". This Is also Adjustable. When Wearing It I Always Felt In Full Control, And That The Harness Was Firmly Stuck On My Body. Nothing Being All Loosey-Goosey, Or Flailing About.  All In All. A Very Good Contraption! ^^

It's Also Worth A Mention That It's Very Nicely Designed, With a Mini-Leash Inside, To Attach To Your Furry Friend's Walking-Harness! ^^ So You Can Open Up The Top And Let Them Stick Their Head Out For Some Fresh Air; Without Being Worried About Them Hopping Out And Getting Away From You Mid Walk, Perhaps In The Middle Of Nowhere.
The Backpack Also Has Nifty Pockets To Store Little Necessities Like Poo-Bags Or Something.

Company: Friends With Fur Product: Connor, Backpack

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Brit-Care Wet Luxury Line

This Is The Best Wet-Food for Cats, That I Have Come Across.
My Cats Absolutely Love It; And Having Tried This; All Others Seem Bleak In Comparison.
I'm Talking About Brit-Care's SuperPremium Cat Food.
Specifically The Pouches. Seabream And Tuna.
They Come In Portion Pouches, But I Use Two Portions For Five Cats, So It's Plenty More That One Portion For One Cat.
It's HUMAN GRADE FOOD. And That's Saying A Lot. Because Compared To Regular Wet-Foods; This Is Really A Major Upgrade.
The Pouches Contain Grand Bits Of Fish In Delicious Sauce, Not Jelly, Like So Many Other Wet-Foods Out There. They Also SMELL Like Actual Food. Beacause It Is ACTUAL FOOD.
Many Other Wet-Foods Have That Suspicious Odor Of All Smelling The Same, No Matter The Flavour.

And They Often Come In Compressed Gunks Of Jelly-Gunk Pressed Together In a Can.
I Only Buy The Tuna And The SeaBream; Because Of The Terrible Cruelties In The Poultry Industry, I Would Advice To Stay FAR Away From All Products, Of All Brands, That Have Bird In Them.

Company: Brit-Care Product: SuperPremium Cat Food (Wet)

Monday, 11 January 2016

KONG, King Of Mice!

To Say That This Is a Hit In My House, Is An Understatement. And That's Putting It Mildly.^^
This Is An Exceptionally Fun Toy, That I'd Recommend For All Cat-Owners To Get Their Furry Ones; No Matter How Old Or Young The Cats Might Be.

All My Cats Love This.
I Suspect There To Be A Hint Of Cat-Nip On/Inside It. Not That I Can Smell It. But My Cats Sure Do Go Crazy, Wanting To Snuggle This Cutie Patootie.^^
It's Soft On The Outside, With a Slight Fleece-Like Material. BUT Hides A Very Fascinating Inside Indeed!^^
It's Got Crinkly Fabric Inside, That Make A Crunchy Noise When Handled; SUPER-Popular!
You'd Think The Bow Is Just For Show; You'd Be Wrong.
Just Like I Was.
ALL My Cats Take Immense Pleasure In Biting And Footsie-ing, The Ribbon Off, Even Untying It Themselves!

This Toy Is Called a Kong Kickeroo, And Comes In Both Mouse And Other Form-Variations.
It's THE Crowd-Pleaser Of Crowd-Pleasers! ^^

Monday, 4 January 2016

Scratch City!

This Scratching-Post Activity Centre Is SO Cool!^^
I Got It For My Cats This Christmas, And Just Today (My Muscles Are Literally Still Aching)
I Mounted This Cat-Scratch Masterpiece On To The Wall!^^

It Was Easy To Assemble.
I'd Recommend Keeping The Box Near-by; As It's Got a Picture Of The Whole Thing Assembled On The Outside Of It, And I Found That Much Handier To Follow Than The Instructions.

NOTE: You Have To Purchase Wall-Screws To Attach It To Your Wall, Separately.
According To Instructions; You Need To Take Into Account, What Kind Of Wall You're Going To Mount It On Etc. And Buy Screws That Suit Your Wall.
You Should Get Very Long Screws, As You Want It To Have Loads Of Support.
And You Should Opt For The Screws That Are Pointy At The End
(Or You'll Have a Really Hard Time Getting It Into The Wall x)

Other Than That, All Bits, Pieces And Screws, You Need To Assemble The Actual Scratching-Post Is Included.
I Assembled And Mounted This By Myself, And It Was Not Hard.
Just Add One Piece After Another As You Mount It To The Wall.
Also, Having Something (Like a Cardboard Box With Something In It F.ex.)
To Support Pieces When You Haven't Attached The Bits On The Opposite Side, Is What I Did.
And It Worked Out wonderfully. :)

The Scratching-Post Is Called Francesco And Is a Trixie Company Product.
It's 194cm Tall, From Top To Bottom.
It's 72cm Wide, From Side To Side.
And It's 44cm Deep, From The Wall Outwards.

I Strongly Suspect This Is Going To Become a Fast Favourite Amongst All My Cats. ^^
Being Five Kitties In One House, They Need Something Fun To Occupy Themselves With;
Or Else My Furniture Will Get More Cat-Play-Attention Than I Think It Will Put Up With. ^^

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Catch Me If You Can!

This Toy Is One Of The Many That I've Recently Acquired For My Five Feline Children This Christmas. ^^
First Of All: It's Super-Popular, With All My Babies, So It's Definitely a Good Option For All Cat-Personalities, As Far As Play Goes.

It Has a Remote That Comes With It. So You Can Play With, By Turning It Off And On.
Which Is Fun. ^^
Included is a Special Battery For The Remote.
And Although I Love It When Batteries Are Included, This One Has Me A Bit Baffled; as It Is Unlike Any Battery That I've Ever Seen. It's a Little Bit Thinner Than a AA-Battery, But Not As Thin As a AAA-Battery. It's Also About Half The Length Of a Regular Battery (regardless of width).
So The Thought Of Where To Find Such a Battery, When That One Runs Out, Is a Bit Of a Mind-Fuck. o.O

The Toy Itself Runs On Regular AA-Batteries. And Is Not Included.

The Toy Comes With Two Changeable Plastic Wobbly-Pipes With Feathers At The End Of Them.
Our First One Broke Off At The Middle, Within Hours.

And As It Does Not Seem To Be An Option To Buy Extra Wobbly-Pipes Alone, What Do You Do? o.O

I Have Taken To Tying Some Ribbon On The Remainder Of The Wobbly-Pipe; Which Definitely Does The Trick. :)
So If The Toy Breaks; Just Get Creative! I'm Sure Your Cats Will Love You For It. ^^