Monday, 11 January 2016

KONG, King Of Mice!

To Say That This Is a Hit In My House, Is An Understatement. And That's Putting It Mildly.^^
This Is An Exceptionally Fun Toy, That I'd Recommend For All Cat-Owners To Get Their Furry Ones; No Matter How Old Or Young The Cats Might Be.

All My Cats Love This.
I Suspect There To Be A Hint Of Cat-Nip On/Inside It. Not That I Can Smell It. But My Cats Sure Do Go Crazy, Wanting To Snuggle This Cutie Patootie.^^
It's Soft On The Outside, With a Slight Fleece-Like Material. BUT Hides A Very Fascinating Inside Indeed!^^
It's Got Crinkly Fabric Inside, That Make A Crunchy Noise When Handled; SUPER-Popular!
You'd Think The Bow Is Just For Show; You'd Be Wrong.
Just Like I Was.
ALL My Cats Take Immense Pleasure In Biting And Footsie-ing, The Ribbon Off, Even Untying It Themselves!

This Toy Is Called a Kong Kickeroo, And Comes In Both Mouse And Other Form-Variations.
It's THE Crowd-Pleaser Of Crowd-Pleasers! ^^

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