Sunday, 17 January 2016

Brit-Care Wet Luxury Line

This Is The Best Wet-Food for Cats, That I Have Come Across.
My Cats Absolutely Love It; And Having Tried This; All Others Seem Bleak In Comparison.
I'm Talking About Brit-Care's SuperPremium Cat Food.
Specifically The Pouches. Seabream And Tuna.
They Come In Portion Pouches, But I Use Two Portions For Five Cats, So It's Plenty More That One Portion For One Cat.
It's HUMAN GRADE FOOD. And That's Saying A Lot. Because Compared To Regular Wet-Foods; This Is Really A Major Upgrade.
The Pouches Contain Grand Bits Of Fish In Delicious Sauce, Not Jelly, Like So Many Other Wet-Foods Out There. They Also SMELL Like Actual Food. Beacause It Is ACTUAL FOOD.
Many Other Wet-Foods Have That Suspicious Odor Of All Smelling The Same, No Matter The Flavour.

And They Often Come In Compressed Gunks Of Jelly-Gunk Pressed Together In a Can.
I Only Buy The Tuna And The SeaBream; Because Of The Terrible Cruelties In The Poultry Industry, I Would Advice To Stay FAR Away From All Products, Of All Brands, That Have Bird In Them.

Company: Brit-Care Product: SuperPremium Cat Food (Wet)

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