Monday, 4 January 2016

Scratch City!

This Scratching-Post Activity Centre Is SO Cool!^^
I Got It For My Cats This Christmas, And Just Today (My Muscles Are Literally Still Aching)
I Mounted This Cat-Scratch Masterpiece On To The Wall!^^

It Was Easy To Assemble.
I'd Recommend Keeping The Box Near-by; As It's Got a Picture Of The Whole Thing Assembled On The Outside Of It, And I Found That Much Handier To Follow Than The Instructions.

NOTE: You Have To Purchase Wall-Screws To Attach It To Your Wall, Separately.
According To Instructions; You Need To Take Into Account, What Kind Of Wall You're Going To Mount It On Etc. And Buy Screws That Suit Your Wall.
You Should Get Very Long Screws, As You Want It To Have Loads Of Support.
And You Should Opt For The Screws That Are Pointy At The End
(Or You'll Have a Really Hard Time Getting It Into The Wall x)

Other Than That, All Bits, Pieces And Screws, You Need To Assemble The Actual Scratching-Post Is Included.
I Assembled And Mounted This By Myself, And It Was Not Hard.
Just Add One Piece After Another As You Mount It To The Wall.
Also, Having Something (Like a Cardboard Box With Something In It F.ex.)
To Support Pieces When You Haven't Attached The Bits On The Opposite Side, Is What I Did.
And It Worked Out wonderfully. :)

The Scratching-Post Is Called Francesco And Is a Trixie Company Product.
It's 194cm Tall, From Top To Bottom.
It's 72cm Wide, From Side To Side.
And It's 44cm Deep, From The Wall Outwards.

I Strongly Suspect This Is Going To Become a Fast Favourite Amongst All My Cats. ^^
Being Five Kitties In One House, They Need Something Fun To Occupy Themselves With;
Or Else My Furniture Will Get More Cat-Play-Attention Than I Think It Will Put Up With. ^^

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