Saturday, 18 June 2016

Cleaning Wounds

 If Your Pet Has a Wound That Needs Cleaning, I Have Some Advice.
 Get a Casserole, Fill It With Clean Water and Salt; Boil It.
Then Wait Until The Water Has Chilled To a Below Body-Temperature/Cold Temp.
Using a Clean Bowl, Fill It With The Water.
Get a Clean Sock, Preferably Cotton. Put It On Your Hand As If It Was a Mitten.
Dip The Sock In The Water, Soaking It.
Use The Wet Sock To Clean The Wound. 
Be Gentle, But Try To Use Enough Force To Clean Off All Dead Skin-Cells.
Take Your Time; Don't Try To Get All The Dead Skin Off In One Go.
Use Pleasant and Gentle Grinding Motions, To Go Over The Wound.

Do It, Just As You'd Scratch Behind It's Ear f-ex.
It Will Be a Pleasant Thing To Have You "Scratch" The Wound;
Seeing As Wounds Are Very Itchy To Your Pet.

Go Over The Wound With PURE Aloe-Vera After.
This Will Help The Healing Process.

Recently, One Of My Little Feline Darlings; Developed an Allergic Reaction, Resulting In Eczema.
It Was Very Itchy, and He Continued To Lick The Skin Affected Over and Over and Over Again;
Leaving It So Sore, It Developed an Infection.

We Went To The Doctor, And The Doctor Prescribed Pain-Killers 
+ Special Pads and a Special Spray To Clean It With.

I Gotta' Be Honest; The Pads and The Spray; Not Good.
The Pads Were Soaked In a Strong Alcohol-Like Smelling Concoction.
The Spray Smelled Similar.
I Fully Understand That They Are That Potent To Actually Clean Out The Wound Well.
But Geez Louise!

I Would NOT Recommend It For Home-Use; Unless ALL OTHER OPTIONS Are not Available.
My Poor, Little Boy; He Is So Brave; And He Is Very Good At Letting Me Give Him Meds, and Clean Wounds; But The Pads and The Spray Were So PAINFUL When Applied, That I Could See Him BRACE HIMSELF For The Pain.

The Spray In Particular; Had a BURNING Sensation, 
That Kicked In a Few Seconds After Applying It.
I Know This Because I Tested It On My Own Skin; Which Was Without Wounds, 
I Can Only Imagine Just How Painful It Must Be For Someone With a HUGE Open Wound! :O
It Was So Painful In Fact, That He Would Not Be Able To Control Himself; He Had a Knee-Jerk Reaction Of Jumping Up and Running Around The Room Like He Was On Fire, Poor Thing. :O

After Seeing How The Pads and The Spray Affected Him 
(Which, In Their Instructions Said It Was MEDICAL WAIST, and That You Couldn't Throw It Away In Your Regular Recycling, Because It Would DESTROY THE ENVIRONMENT!)
I Decided HELL NO.
Doctor or No Doctor; I'm Making an Executive Mommy-Decision Right Now; Overruling This Shit!
So I Started Cleaning It With Saltwater Instead.
It Didn't Have any Antibiotic Effect, So I Contacted the Vet, Told Her My Decision About The Wound-Cleaning, And How He'd Need Some Oral Antibiotics To Deal With The Infection Part Of It.

Once He Started Receiving The Oral Antibiotic Meds, The Wound Soon Started Seeing Recovery.

I Have Five Cats, I've Had Pets All My Life, and From My Point Of View, With The Years Of Experience That I've Had, Dealing With Scratches and Illnesses;
Go For The Saltwater.
Just Make Sure You Get The Oral Antibiotics On Top.
To Deal With The Infection.

I Understand That The Reason Why The Vet Prescribed The Spray/Pads, Is Because Antibiotics Are REALLY Hard On Your Digestive-System; 
And Will Most Likely Result In An Upset Bacterial-Balance In The Stomach.
Which You Should Get Some Probiotic-Paste For, 
So Your Darling Doesn't Get Dehydrated By Having Diarrhea.
(Both Times Cats Of Mine Have Had To Get Antibiotics, 
They Experienced an Upset Stomach. And Had To Get Probiotics After.)

But I'd Still NOT Recommend Those Heavy Duty Spray/Pads, It's Just, Hellish Pain, And Nothing That I'd Recommend Administrating To a Pet, At Home, and Without a Vet Having Given It Anesthesia Before Applying It. o.O

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